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Current Builders introduces innovative parking garage building techniques


Current Builders (www.currentbuilders.com) has introduced a new time-saving technique to build parking garages using a “column hung shoring system.”

The award-winning general contractor based in Florida, recently topped out their Aura Boca project.This luxury apartment community, in the heart of Boca Raton, includes an 8-story parking garage that was completed, from start of foundation to top of last pour, in six months; a reduction of almost 25% of the standard build time. Current Builders plans to market this technique as an alternative to precast and post tension garages.

“This is an important advance in the construction process for garages that was developed by Mike Gillette, vice president of our Structures division,” said Rolf Severtson, Executive Vice President of CB Structures. “We are very proud of Mike’s innovative advance which is helping accelerate our completion times.”

“Aura Boca is the first project to utilize this innovative shoring system for the perimeter beams,” explained Gillette. “The system consists of a 60,000-pound column mounted jack supported by wide flange W beams. This system eliminates the need for re-shoring under the beams which reduces costs and time, and additionally provides a 7-foot working table for iron workers and carpenters.”

Gillette’s innovation was partially inspired by bridge building techniques and his own on-going creative process. For the Aura Boca project, the Current Builders team was able to build a new floor every 12 working days, which is very rapid pace compared to the industry standard of 15-17 working days.

Current Builders recently topped out the Aura Boca project and looks for final completion by December 2020.

Video details the building process at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=A3Uzmoszrsc

Current Builders is an award-winning general contractor, established in 1972 with average annual revenues in excess of $200 Million and specializes in multi-family residential projects, healthcare facilities, office/warehouse buildings, commercial distribution facilities, parking garages, interior build-outs, interior and exterior renovations, all included as turnkey projects inclusive of the construction of the buildings and related site work.


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