COVID-19 solutions: B & I provides installation of Bipolar Ionization units to businesses seeking to provide a safer and cleaner air environment to customers

broadway theatre

The Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre management in Fort Myers recently reached out to B & I Contractors to recommend and install filtration methods to reduce the risk of infectious diseases, of particular interest COVID-19.

Bipolar Ionization units are installed to safely clean the air by reducing the infectivity of common viruses. Testing has demonstrated that common pathogens such as COVID-19, Legionella, MRSA (Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus) and E. Coli, among others, can be greatly reduced with the use of this technology.

broadway dinner inside

“Because of this addition to our air handlers, along with other increased health and safety measures, we are able to reopen with the confidence that our venue will be as safe as possible for our customers, employees and cast members,” said Will Prather, owner and executive producer of Broadway Palm Dinner Theatre. The Bipolar Ionization filters provided for the Broadway Palm Dinner Theater were supplied by Commercial Air Management (CAM) and will be installed in the airstream of the air handling unit.

Beachway building
Beachway Professional Center

Similarly, Marlene Downer, property manager of Beachway Professional Center, contacted B & I to inquire about HVAC UV light technology. However, once she learned about Bipolar Ionization, she determined that it was the best and most cost-efficient solution she could offer her concerned tenants.

“I wanted to let my tenants know that I am doing something for them and having Ionizers throughout the building is a great idea,” Downer said. B & I will be installing 53 Ionizers to service the air handlers on the three floors of the Beachway Building.

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