City Of Naples approves master plan for newly designated Naples Design District


Florida Construction News staff writer

The City of Naples has approved the DPZ CoDESIGN master plan for the newly designated Naples Design District, formerly described as the 41-10 mixed-use area.

Initiated in response to substantial new investment in the area known for its concentration of art and décor businesses between US-41 and 10th Street, the master plan was a year-long process that invited stakeholder input.

“The Naples Design District is an exciting, eclectic area that has so much potential. It will evolve into the next place to be,” said Vice Mayor Mike McCabe.

“The master plan developed by DPZ CoDESIGN is the foundation for all that will come. Here’s to the next jewel of the City of Naples.”

Plans to refine the District’s infrastructure and to improve connectivity to destinations beyond the Naples Design District are also underway.

The city’s goal is to leverage existing assets by amplifying infrastructure such as enhancing the unique alleyway system with the Design Walk, a picturesque and active promenade to complement the art, design, and dining scene already in progress.

Strategies support three key goals:

  1. Ensure improvements and redevelopment are consistent with the neighborhood’s existing character and fine-grain urban fabric;
  2. Encourage new business opportunities while preserving the existing affordable housing stock; and
  3. Foster placemaking policies and regulations that serve a multi-generational population, especially the young-at-heart.

“The Naples Design District Master Plan demonstrates the desires and intentions of Naples residents to maintain the unique, inclusive qualities of the area, while building on the assets to create another dynamic area reflective of the Naples vision,” said Anita Jenkins, CRA administrator.

The CRA will meet in September to evaluate capital improvements and a three to five-year implementation plan.

To see the DPZ CoDESIGN final report, click here.


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