Central Florida high schools and contractors work together to encourage youth to embark on trades careers

south lake construction academy field trip
Images from the South Lakes High School Construction Academy Facebook page

Florida Construction News staff writer

High schools in the Lake Counties/Orlando area are seeking opportunities to team up with construction businesses to encourage young people to take up trades careers.

Angela Markel, marketing coordinator at Schmid Construction in Clermont, said she is participating on a committee to bridge the gap between education and work in the trades.

“South Lake High School in Groveland, as well as other high schools in our area, have joined forces to help bridge the gap in the need for tradespeople in the construction industry,” she writes. “These Construction Academies are offering classes within the high schools to teach and train students the trades and for those that have met the requirements, are able to partner with local subcontractors over the summer for paid apprenticeships.”

south lakes construction academy“Currently, these academies are building picnic tables, cornhole sets, taking field trips to active job sites, as well as having guest subcontractors come into the classroom teaching the even more hands-on,” she says. “We have a network with not only our local high schools, but also our local technical colleges, and construction organizations/companies.”

“Hopefully, articles like this will help spur on the need for construction companies to become more involved in our youth and help fill the need for our trades,” she writes, referencing these websites:


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