Cape Coral City to approve $700K grant for sidewalk construction


The Cape Coral City Council was expected to approve a more than $700,000 grant from the Florida Department of Transportation for sidewalk construction.

“Our city staff did a fantastic job in applying for this grant, and it was a real collaboration I think between several entities. We’re very excited about it,” said District 4 council member, Jennifer Nelson, according to a report on

The project includes a total of 2.3 miles of sidewalks on Trafalgar Pkwy. at two nearby roads. The first stretch of sidewalk would be added from Southwest Ave. to Pine Island Rd., and the second stretch from SW 16th Ct. to SW 22nd Ct.

If approved, sidewalk construction would begin in 2021.


  1. Yes, spend more money. Our taxes aren’t high enough. And keep the bars open 24/7, we need more drunk drivers on the road. And we thought it was bad with Marney!


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