B&I Contractors, Inc. embraces change

Jeff Zenoniani
Jeff Zenoniani

Florida Construction News staff writer

After a successful 28-year career at B&I Contractors, Inc., Special Projects Department manager Jeff Zenoniani has announced his retirement at the end of this fiscal year, October 2023.

In a statement, the company wished Jeff “all the best as he marks the end of his work chapter and looks forward to the exciting adventures ahead.  We hope your retired life is the best part of your life.”

Embracing the change, B&I Contractors, Inc. announced the promotion of Gena Knight, MSE to special project department manager. Gena has more than nine years’ experience as a project engineer and project manager for numerous commercial and institutional HVAC, plumbing and electrical jobs within hospital/healthcare, university, K-12 educational and government facilities.

Gena joined the construction industry in 2005 and graduated Florida Gulf Coast University (FGCU) Whitaker College of Engineering with a Bachelor of Science in Civil Engineering in 2012 and a Master’s in Renewable Energy Engineering in 2019 all while raising her 4 children and working full time without missing a beat in her professional duties.

“Gena’s humility, thankful heart, and her ability to work closely with her co-workers to build strong and impactful teams is only one reason why she has earned her new role on our leadership team”, said Gary Griffin, CEO of B&I Contractors, Inc.

B & I also recently named Patrick Bianchi as corporate safety manager.

With a wide scope of experience in safety and project management, he will work closely with B&I’s field and operations teams to ensure safety is always the top priority and he will focus on training and technology to reduce risks and eliminate accidents.

Patrick is a safety trained supervisor in construction (STSC); HAZMAT operations; OHSA 10 & 30; 502 construction industry outreach trainer and 510 standards for the construction industry.

As a married father of four, Patrick and his wife spend most of their free time on the soccer field or traveling with the soccer travel team. When he gets a chance, he enjoys playing golf and sharing a good joke.

Established in 1960, B & I offices are in Fort Myers, Tamarac, Sarasota, and Tampa. The employee-owned company specializes in providing HVAC, electrical, plumbing, and building maintenance services for commercial, institutional, and industrial facilities throughout Florida and beyond.


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