AECOM, Ferrovial to build vertiport infrastructure in Florida

Courtesy of AECOM

AECOM and Ferrovial have partnered to design a network of vertiports connecting strategic locations in major Florida cities.

Vertiports are a key component in enabling innovation in electric aircraft that take off and land vertically (eVTOL) by providing the necessary infrastructure for landing, recharging, and departure.

Ferrovial is partnering with Lilium in developing the Florida vertiport network. Lilium is an aviation company focused on creating an emissions-free, regional air mobility service. The Ferrovial and AECOM-designed vertiport infrastructure will help enable a high-speed, environmentally friendly, affordable alternative transport system connecting Florida’s cities in new, sustainable, and more convenient ways.

The vertiport infrastructure emphasizes sustainability and efficiency, taking advantage of sunlight and natural elements. Noise abatement materials and surfaces are a key feature of the airfield design in order to further reduce the already ultra-low noise emissions from the eVTOL jets. In addition, the terminal buildings at the vertiports will provide a user-friendly passenger experience by enabling touchless processes, quick journeys, and a comfortable environment.


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