2017 Lift & Move USA program kicks off in Tampa


The first of four Lift & Move USA career events in 2017 will be held Feb. 14 in Tampa, FL, hosted by ALL Crane, part of the ALL Family of Companies.

The event will see as many as 450 young people from local schools and colleges converge on ALL Crane’s Tampa facility to learn first-hand about careers in the crane, rigging and specialized transport industry and to see heavy equipment at close quarters.

Lift & Move USA is a one-day event promoting careers in the industry to high school and college students and veterans.

The program was launched in 2015 by the Specialized Carriers & Rigging Association (SC&RA), the National Commission for the Certification of Crane Operators (NCCCO), and a specialized industry trade publisher.

A key supporter is the SC&R Foundation, which supports SC&RA members and works to address the industry labor shortage.

Kris Liptak from ALL Crane, said; “I’ve had the opportunity to grow up in the industry, making something that looks impossible a reality. Working on the biggest machines in the world, lifting entire ships out of the water, setting flag poles on top of buildings 1,000 feet in the air, and building power plants that keep lights on in our homes.

“These are all things that happen on a daily basis for our Tampa crew. People see the projects we’ve worked on and ask themselves, How do they do that? or How did that get there? We need the next generation of employees to do the things that make other people wonder, How?”

The event could help students get their first job.

The Lift & Move USA events in 2015 and 2016 attracted more than 2000 students and veterans and the program is now gearing up for what promises to be another successful year.

The Tampa event is the first of four that will take place in 2017, with the full program as follows:

  • Feb. 14 – Tampa, FL (Host: ALL Companies)
  • May 3 – Chicago, IL (Host: Lifting Gear Hire)
  • Sept. 14 – Ft. Wayne, IN (Host: Buchanan Hauling)
  • Nov. 15 – Baton Rouge, LA (Hosts: Berard Transportation & Deep South Crane)

Brett Melvin, executive director of Lift & Move USA, said: “Momentum is building for the Lift & Move program. The format for the event has evolved since the first conference in June 2015, and we have an event that really delivers for the students, schools and host companies.

“The key is to give the students the direct testimony of people currently working in the industry. Their personal stories are a powerful way to communicate the job satisfaction and rewards of a career in crane, rigging and specialized transport.

“We have high hopes for all the events scheduled for 2017, starting with ALL Crane in Tampa. We also urge industry professionals – in particular SC&RA member companies – to attend any of the events in their region to get a flavour of the program. The entry is free, and please register online at the Lift & Move website.”

The event is free for students, parents, teachers, veterans, and industry representatives. Attendees can register online at www.liftandmoveUSA.com. Teachers can register student groups by contacting the organizers.

The conference is organized in cooperation with SkillsUSA, the national organization that helps students prepare for careers in technical, skilled and service occupations, will provide attendees with an overview of job opportunities in the industry alongside personal testimonies from young people already working in the sector.


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