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Seagate purchases Fort Myers White Cap land for more than $2.7 million


Seagate Development Group says it has purchased 9.71 acres of land in Fort Myers  from Harvey B. Youngquist for $2,760,615. The developer plans to design and build a 45,000-sq. ft. structure for White Cap Construction Supply at 16542 Oriole Rd.

The national building materials supplier’s new location will be adjacent to the upcoming Alico Trade Center being built by Seagate.

White Cap will include office space, an open-area conference room and a break room, a showroom and a 32,990-sq. ft. warehouse. An 18,000-sq. ft. steel fabrication building will feature an overhead crane and steel-bending machines.

PDS Architecture is designing the building.

“When we design and build any commercial building, particularly one that is in such an in-demand location, we maximize that location with an equally in-demand functionality of every square inch of that space,” said Matt Price, CEO and partner at Seagate Development Group. “Seagate’s relationship with White Cap, coupled with a passion for this process, will contribute to dozens of local jobs and a move in the right direction for a national company on a regional scale.”

Seagate will break ground on White Cap this month and complete the landscape-changing project in the fourth quarter of 2021.


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