Jacksonville mayor introduces legislation to address multi-generational infrastructure needs


Jacksonville Mayor Lenny Curry says his administration will file legislation to invest in neighborhood infrastructure needs and continue septic tank phaseouts throughout the community.

The legislation, ORD 2021-0223, will provide the opportunity to extend and expand on a current dedicated revenue source to address long overdue infrastructure needs throughout the city. Additionally, this legislation creates an oversight committee comprised of subject matter experts and private citizens to give additional oversight of the plan.

In March, Curry and the Jacksonville Transportation Authority (JTA) launched the Jobs for Jax initiative to address transportation and infrastructure improvements in Jacksonville. According to research from the University of North Florida, Jobs for Jax could create more than 7,640 jobs and generate an economic impact of approximately $1.6 billion.

“With this legislation filed, Jacksonville is moving closer to fulfilling decades old promises in neighborhoods throughout our city. Jobs for Jax will have a tremendous impact on the quality of life for citizens across Northeast Florida, improving neighborhood conditions and generating economic opportunities. I look forward to continuing to work with my colleagues on City Council to earn their support for this significant investment in Jacksonville’s future,” Mayor Curry said in a statement.

Upon approval of the Jobs for Jax program, transportation infrastructure projects would have a dedicated, long-term funding source, freeing up funds in the city’s Capital Improvement Plan (CIP). Additional legislation, ORD 2021-0235, would amend the CIP to allocate $50 million each year for the next two years for a total of $100 million to move neighborhoods onto the City sewer system.


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