Braden Hospital start delayed, but scope and size will increase

braden hospital rendering

The construction start date for a southwestern Florida hospital has been delayed, but the project scope and scale has increased.

The Braden Hospital in Ave Maria near Naples will now be larger than the originally planned 68,000 sq. ft. structure with 24 beds, with construction likely to start in 2020.

“We hope to begin construction sometime next year and we expect 24 to 30 months for construction,” Dan Dix, general manager of the affiliated Braden Clinic, said in an email to the Naples Daily News.

“The Braden Hospital project is moving forward,” he said. “The good news is that the size and scope of the project have expanded. This is an exciting development.”

The newspaper reported that Dix did not specify how the project size has increased. Earlier, the project’s cost had been set at $34.5 million.


  1. I have not heard any new news regarding the New Braiden Hospital construction plans. The community is growing rapidly. The last news is two years old now. Do you have any updates on when and where the construction may begin?


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