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Ajax Building Corp. joins Structure Tone organization


Ajax Building Corporation, based in Midway near Tallahassee, says the firm has joined the Structure Tone family of companies.

“Partnering with a firm that shares our culture and values is an ideal way to continue fostering the growth we’ve seen over the past 60 years, while still offering the same client-focused approach that has allowed Ajax Building Corporation to become established leaders in construction management,” Ajax president Bill Byrne said in a statement.

Founded in 1958, Ajax says it has more than 200 employees in locations across Florida and Georgia, as well as operations in South Carolina, covering a mix of both ground-up and interior construction projects across a diverse range from K-12 and higher education, to city, county and state government, to healthcare and historic restorations.

“Ajax Building Corporation is a leader in one of the fastest-growing markets in the US,” says Structure Tone CEO Robert Mullen. “By joining forces, both of our firms are now able to enhance and expand each other’s businesses, clients and service offerings into new areas.”

Last year Structure Tone restructured its ownership model to extend company ownership to all employees and a small group of outside investors. This private ownership model will now extend to Ajax employees as well.

Ajax Building Corporation will retain its name, and its current leaders will retain ownership in the company and maintain their roles as the senior leadership team of the business, the statement said. No personnel changes are expected for either company.


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